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Akeman Chamber Orchestra were originally brought together as a group of players based in and around Oxfordshire by Martin Quinn, to support Akeman Voices. The orchestra’s reputation has grown over the years and they have played to great acclaim accompanying local choirs. The pool of players has grown over time and has regularly incorporated players from further afield, including The Purcell School and The Royal Northern.

The Orchestra has played for Bicester Choral and Operatic Society, The Warriner Choral Society, Deddington Festival, and Banbury Choral Society.

In 2016 the orchestra played for Warriner Choral Society's Elgar Concert in the spring, a number of our players supported Bicester Choral & Operatic Society's (BCOS) June production of Carmen The Musical, and they also supported BCOS concert on 3rd December, performing Jenkins' Palladio.

The orchestra is available to support events big or small.

To engage the orchestra simply click on the Contact Us page

Overture to Marriage of Figaro

Warriner Choral Society 10th Nov 2012

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